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  • Betty



    not the class war shotgun blast of la ceremonie (only other chabrol I’ve seen), but says enough about the devastating constraints of maintaining a sense of propriety on behalf of an upper class that only sees you as a vessel of their self-preservation, resulting in a heady mix of marx and freud where sexual transgression is a destructive act of subversion and (costly) self-actualization. its strategy of telling then showing then telling again reveals less than it should,  but works in what it says about the stories we tell about ourselves, those we tell about each other, and those others tell about us.

  • Peterloo



    interesting schism between the revolutionary urgency of the subject matter and the wax museum historical re-enactment aesthetic from the midbrow ghost of the lincoln plaza cinema, the latter in deference to the veil of civilization the ruling class covers its violent subjugation with and one which finally breaks when the titular massacre exposes the lie of a marketplace of ideas. I appreciated the endeavor, its plotting of an oppressed eco-system as intricate as the loom weaving of its tortured economy,…

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  • Aloha



    this is a pynchon movie????? watched it at 5 am and am willing to say that like v and gravity's rainbow it prefers its critiques of capitalism and imperialism from the vantage point of wayward military personnel w/ the libidinal undercurrents of boardrooms and battlefields brought out by the rom com packaging

    as a result it asks the right questions from the wrong pov (and the emma stone casting fiasco didn't help) but it’s such an unusually singular movie to…

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    An interview quote surfaced on twitter this morning* that Anderson intended Alma to be a specifically Jewish refugee, as hinted by the scene in which she reacts with disgust to one character profiting off of selling visas to Jews during wartime. It speaks to something I originally thought of as one the film's strengths, mainly that Anderson gave up his failed attempts at saying something big in TWWB or the Master and realized he's much better at floating signifiers an…