Double Team ★★★

This was incredible??? Has an antiquated future-tech aesthetic that makes it feel like a tokyo drift-style side story in the tango & cash extended universe and or perhaps even querelle's, given the dreamlike quality offered by an international co-production adr that rests on muscles from brussels. Whatever it lacks in imaginative dialogue it makes up for in unexpectedly inventive props and locales. Dennis Rodman having a weapons lair inside of a neon-lit bdsm nightclub accessed by a bondage gear scuba diver dancing in a fish tank? Sure. The prisoner meets minority report on an island of not-actually-dead james bonds where you can use a sliced off finger print attached to homer's y/n typing bird to trick identity sensors? Also sure. Cybermonks neal stephenson can only dream of? yeah, why not. Mickey Rourke creating a DIY gladiator challenge in the roman coliseum using a tiger and a bunch of landmines marked by crosses that can only be defeated with everyone's shirts off? HELL YES. A crystal waters song w/ a dennis rodman verse over the end credits? *prayer hands* Rourke's character being someone the CIA used when they didn't want to get their hands dirty and disavowed when they didn't need him is the most it offers for entrenched political critique, but not out of place given the veterans-turned-armed-dealers subplot from dangerous encounters of the first kind. Whatever its compromises with the american blockbuster this is Tsui through and through.