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This review may contain spoilers.

6th of December 2016

8:20 pm.

The cinema was sold out. Filled to the brim with people for this one night screening. I had already lost out on one cinema, so was really lucky to get this showing. I had seen the trailer for it a few weeks prior, and mutuals were giving it the highest praise, so I did what I could.

I loved it when I saw it. And now, a year and a half later, I’ve just finished my eleventh viewing of my favourite movie of all time.

In a way, I find it hard to explain why I feel so strongly for this film. This film makes me experience so much more emotion that anything else I’ve watched. Every rewatch of this has given me the sense of wonder that I experienced on my first viewing. I own multiple copies of this on DVD. Special editions, steelbooks, etc, etc. I have two posters on my wall for this film. It means o much to me.

I think, when it comes right down to it, it’s the sense of hope that this film carries. The odds are completely stacked against Taki and Mitsuha, two people living so far from each other, and even in different timelines. But they change fate, because the universe allowed them to.

And when they’ve forgotten each other, part of them still knows of what’s out there. Part of them is still constantly searching for someone, even if they don’t know what that is.

This is all put together well in the final scene. They see each other as their trains pass. They run to find each other. And despite again the odds certainly not being in their favour, they still try. They push themselves forward, trusting that fate will bring them together as it had before. And it does.

And as the film comes to a close, we are left with them asking each other a simple question that carries so much love, so much happiness, and so much hope to it.

“What’s your name?”