Adam Moody

Adam Moody

Favorite films

  • Time Regained
  • La Vie de Bohème
  • Still Life
  • Horse Money

Recent activity

  • Asteroid City

  • Little Dutch Plate

  • The Lady in Red

  • The Merry Old Soul

Recent reviews

  • Moonlight for Two

    Moonlight for Two

    Goopy and Gal suck, they do not have the juice.

  • Dangerous Game

    Dangerous Game

    Ferrara takes a rather one-dimensional idea--Hollywood: do corrupt, soulless people make corrupt, soulless projects or do corrupt, soulless projects create corrupt, soulless people?--and explores in a way that is both brutalizing and surprisingly subtle. Incredible how the film games you for so long into thinking the central project is the eruption of the crisis and not merely its most recent and most blatant, disgusting representation.

Popular reviews

  • Napoleon


    Doesn't get to the juiciest parts of the story and rushes through the extremely modest section of his Rise to Glory it does manage to reach and in spite of this it's still a fucking masterpiece. Every set piece and performance is killer and the editing and cinematography is simply some of the greatest visual artistry ever put to screen. The finale is mostly filler and propaganda but Gance's triptych-montage experimental style is absolutely hypnotizing, a film that's so inventive that even its flaws become perverse strengths.

  • Demonlover


    An unbelievably sleazy, feel-bad movie. Modernity in free fall: every interaction a transaction, uninhibited technological development embracing all of humanity's worst impulses, lust and violence have taken over the markeplace and it consumes all.

    Assayas absolutely prophetic with his use of the nü-metal aesthetic--pure grime.