Burning ★★★★★

There are thrillers flicks and then sometimes you get something like this. It's a film that thrills you and envelopes you in its mystery and its characters, and it manages to seep in so deeply that you can't just call it a thriller. It really stands tall on its own as a masterful creation that quietly crawls into you and then sits there as you realize what you've just been through.

It managed to perfectly convey this sense of modern existential dread that exists in our lives through a tale that swallows you whole. It carefully suggests something wholly unnerving and horrifying about this life. I can't stress enough how significant the sense of violation this film conveys. It's something truly admirable when you consider how it could've just been another superficial thriller.

In this case, even though you see the conclusion, and even though it seemingly makes sense and that there's a finality to it, the grotesque emotion doesn't go away. How this film managed to awaken such a fundamental feeling keeps wowing me.

This result owes a lot to the beautiful synergistic acting between the leading trio, and more specifically between the two male leads. A lot of that tension and deep seated feeling of something that is just wrong emerges from how these actors played off each other. I have to also give it up for the director, obviously.

The soundtrack in this case was also incredibly important for us to get that final result. It was pitch perfect and meshed with the rest of the film impeccably. I just loved it. Simply put.

The dreamlike cinematography, its haziness and sometimes disorientating nature helped build the incredible atmosphere and how lost I felt while watching it.

I also adored the way the film took its time to develop its texture before it finally led the viewers to the thoughts it wanted them to have. It was very patient and confident of the time it used to build itself up. More than half of this film is just that amazing build up which ends up encapsulating the film's dark and beautiful core.

The dialogues and the interactions between the characters were also just perfect. Every interaction was engaging and captivating, often inviting the viewer to think about what goes on behind the words.

And finally, the genius usage of ambiguity, uncertainty, and simply not knowing what is true and what is false, what is there and what's simply in the imagination. This aspect helped ties the film up into a titan in total domination of its intent and uniquely crafted experience. I loved it.

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