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  • Back to the Future
  • The Truman Show
  • Almost Famous
  • La La Land

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  • Spider-Man: No Way Home


  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife


  • CODA


  • The Power of the Dog


Recent reviews

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    What a great ending! 5/5 for that alone. Would of gave it a overall of 4/5 if I had a blood alcohol content of 0.050. Mads Mikkelsen one of the greatest actors of our generation and one of my personal favourites. Really enjoyed this but doesn't hit the heights of Thomas Vinterberg's Festen and The Hunt(Must watch films).

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Denis Villaneuve has done the Impossible! Blade Runner 2049 is a Spectacular Visual Masterpiece, A Breathtaking Sci-fi Movie experience. Truly beautiful filmmaking on all levels that keeps the sprit of the original. The art of storytelling through visual and film.

    Not just the best movies of 2017, but also one of the best of recent times. Like the original, it's a slow-burn, neo-noir detective mystery, The deliberate pacing and a near 3 hour run time can be a challenge for…

Popular reviews

  • Snowpiercer



    Directed by the Joon-ho Bong

    Ambitious, original, wacky, fun, fast, action packed and violent. This film like the train is one hell of a ride! Action Sci-Fi how it should be made

    Tilda Swinton is brilliant

    Soundtrack is excellent. Visuals are good considering the budget. The best thing about 'Snowpiercer' is that it gets you thinking after the movie. Go and watch it

  • Whiplash



    WOW Holy F*** What a Film, An riveting, exhilarating rollercoaster ride. Telling the story of the ambitious 19 year old Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller), who's goal is to be the greatest Jazz drummer of all time and is relationship with is monstrously abusive teacher Terrence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons). The performances done with such gripping tension with blood, sweat and tears. Teller and Simmons both deliver unbelievably outstanding performance's, J.K. Simmons plays one evil, crazy lunatic bully, Terrence Fletcher, surely one…