Glass ★★

There's some compelling base ideas about self-idenity here, but Shyamalan can't write to save his life. Glass is a dour bore to sit through. It's constantly at odds with its own ideas. The midsection brings about all these nice (but undercooked) ideas only to be completely derailed for the sake of yet another garbage plot twist posing as a "being seen" parable. Not to mention, the bafflingly tasteless portrayal of DID is so outdated. I love McAvoy, but this is not a good performance (contextually a little better in Split, but still not great). He seamlessly shifts, although every identity is a caricature that exists only to show us he's "crazy". He's been making some shitty movie choices lately. Willis and Jackson are not even present, so there's nothing to talk about there. Worst of all, it takes itself way too seriously. Despite its existence feeling solely indebted to the onslaught of comic book films today, Shyamalan desperately wants you to think his turd of a movie is something different. It's just something boring.