No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★½

The is the end of an era and Fukunaga knows it. It’s a grand culmination of Casino Royale and Skyfall with a touch of classic Bond. It features some of the most beautifully filmed action set pieces of the Craig era (the opening car chase is IMMACULATE) and makes some ambitious swings with the narrative. I loved to see this final film take risks and commit to them but, most of all, I’m so pleased to see how see it put emphasis on the emotional stakes of our characters. The action and the emotions work together in a beautiful, messy, complex and wholly rewarding fashion. Those final 20 minutes are incredible, emotionally overwhelming and feel just right. Craig has never been better as Bond. There’s flaws and I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Craig’s best outings despite giving it a similar rating, but this is perfectly imperfect showcase for what the Craig era did for Bond. It made him human.

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