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Favorite films

  • The Killers
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Solaris
  • A Fistful of Dollars

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  • A Classic Horror Story


  • Jolt


  • Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard


  • Jungle Cruise


Recent reviews

  • Jolt



    “Some people cry, some people write shit poetry, I hurt people. Might as well put it to good use.”

    This film is a throwback to brash and insane action films that have no depth to them, other than setting up a foundation for an insane revenge story. It feels like something that should’ve came out it in the 90’s and it would’ve soared in that time too. Kate Beckinsale brings her bottled up rage and shows it and even some…

  • Silent Hill

    Silent Hill


    Silent Hill is one of the few films I’ve seen where it feels like an art film that was made for commercial audiences. It’s hard to give this a negative review simply for the ambition it had, wanting to be a good adaption from a video game and a good film at the same time. If it wasn’t for the technical restraints of 2006 and for the mediocre acting this thing could’ve been a genre masterpiece. It has so many good…

Popular reviews

  • Gretel & Hansel

    Gretel & Hansel


    It’s shamelessly minimalistic. 
    It’s shamelessly odd.
    But most of all it’s shamelessly non-conformist. 

    It’s so entertaining and off its axis that it doesn’t even care about anything in its orbit. It’s so damn fun that it feels like someone put Wes Anderson’s brain into a meat grinder with Robert Eggers and Nicolas Winding Refn’s and served it in a meat pie.
    Directing is pretty fantastic, handling its themes of identity and self actualization of sacrifice very well. The aspect ratio…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Adam Sandler teams up with the amazing Safdie brothers to turn in the best performance of his career, yes, better than Punch Drunk Love
    I can see how Scorsese was attracted to this and earns his producer credit more than Joker
    It’s fast paced, immaculately edited, all the performances are great, direction is as spectacular as the opal gem itself.
    The Safdie bro’s have proven once again that they can deliver a story telling experience unmatched in their style and…