Daniel Isn't Real

Daniel Isn't Real ★★★★

“I am the abyss, get in.”

From the producer of Mandy comes another H.P. Lovecraft inspired psychological horror flick. 
This one is a mixture of interpretations of Hieronymus Bosch paintings that can be seen throughout the film while a “Nyarlathotep“ plot line from the lovecraftian universe swirls the undercurrent. 
The plot is filled with modern and antique relics that serve as conduits for cosmic terror and, of course, Daniel serves as the Nyarlathotep character that attempts to manipulate humanity to achieve his ultimate goal which is chaos, hence, Nyarlathotep‘s other alias: “crawling chaos”. 
It’s got practical body horror, blood, the double identity of psyches, cosmic themes that serve the overall goal of Lovecraftian stories: the universe is an existentially terrifying landscape with god knows what out there and it’s not that unlikely that cosmic beings could play a part in ordinary life, it doesn’t mean humans can’t be triumphant over this from time to time but it’s always going to come at a cost. 
I appreciate the way the story plays out especially the last 40 mins. 
Cosmic gothic horror might be creating its own genre, especially with Color Out of Space coming out soon & I’m here for it, all day.

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