Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★½

Every time I watch a Scream movie for the first time and I haven't been spoiled for it I think "ok Scream, I am onto you, you think you can out smart me? Well I have outsmarted you" and as I rip open the door for the killer reveal... it is empty and Ghostface pops out of a closet gets me! Like, 6 movies in and this is till such a thrilling ride and from the JUMP this film up ends the game board and for the next two hours the viewer is scrambling to keep up, thinking they have caught onto the sly hints the film has set up,,, only to fall for the red herrings all over again. The kills are indeed brutal and the fury of this Ghostface was something to behold. A minor detail, maybe spoiler but not really, this franchise also absolutely nails the signature kill quotes and this one is maybe the best? Mr. Ghostface may have asked "who gives a fuck about movies?" but I think he does, because this was another absolute banger!

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