The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

Some times expectations can be a daunting thing. This is a film that has been hovering on my periphery for seemingly ever and it felt like everything was building up to me seeing it. And how could I not love it? It seemed from everything I had heard that it was designed for people like me, the mid-to-verging-on-late-20s somethings who just feel kind of like we're wandering and nothing quite seems like the right fit. And for the first hour, hour and fifteen minutes this was exactly what this film was and I absolutely adored it. The chapter structure had gave the film a distinct structure and it was fascinating to see things play out and develop within those contained units and how they folded into what came next. But then I saw the time and I felt a bit daunted by the fact like 45 mins were left as the film had settled into a slower rhythm and I felt my interest waning. Then, everything just happened in the last 30 mins and just. Not to be overly dramatic? Too simple? But just the weight of life just comes right to the surface and is inescapable and just you have to deal and ultimately try and find some peace? assurance? in your decisions. While this was not necessarily what I thought it would be, there is definitely a lot I am going to be thinking on for quite a while!

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