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  • I Am Curious (Blue)

    I Am Curious (Blue)



    Likewise Chris Maker in Le joli mai; Lena and Sjoman roaming through Swedish streets aiming at citizens takes about erotic issues and drop through them many lines of: Starvation, religion and feminism. The reason I chose these sequences to convey in what I’m Curious Blue is apart from being the most ones I’ve paid attention to, is the way Sjoman eschewed the blurry state that masters such as Pasolini in Love meetings couldn’t have and got his allegorical-documentary…

  • He Who Gets Slapped

    He Who Gets Slapped


    After making a hit by The Phantom Carriage, Sjöström devoted his carrer to American productions which have its ups and downs: 

    The Rythm; as well as his prior films He Who Gets Slapped is fast-paced and him choosing Leonid Andreyev to adapt from was completely picking the right spot since the PG rules Russian literature steeped in have been bended by none except him; starting from his ingenious narrative to creatively giving you the gest of his writings with zero…