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  • Blue Velvet
  • Taxi Driver
  • Fight Club
  • Cinema Paradiso

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Recent reviews

  • Totally Killer

    Totally Killer


    If necessary, entertaining, expertly formulated, it is a fast and virtuosic trip through time. Unlike thematically similar films that flirt with science fiction, here we will not witness a classic illustration of the collision of pop culture.
    Rather, we will get a great homage to the slasher subgenre that has a sense of humor, logic, and a sense of space and time. In short, a pleasant surprise that does not lack jokes or larks, while through a subtle and unobtrusive approach it expresses the vibe of the 80s.


  • Talk to Me

    Talk to Me


    Disgusting, partially mysterious and highly disturbing are the qualities I would use to describe this film. In many respects, the revival of the horror film genre, no matter what we think about its qualities. Despite the lack of a real motive or not wider background that would give the film greater meaning and direction, "Talk to me" still manages to hit the elemental essence typical of the genre that has a dark atmosphere implying evil in skillfully hidden patterns.


Popular reviews

  • Hatchet for the Honeymoon

    Hatchet for the Honeymoon


    Precisely grounded psychopathology of the killer, at the same time, an ingenious combination of giallo and black comedy. The perception of the killer is very reminiscent of that of Christian Bale, from the movie "American Psycho". He is a fashion designer with severe childhood trauma, an alarmingly dangerous support in forming a new fetish. Elements of fantasy dictate humorous sequences in the ruthless murderer of a woman who begins to be haunted by the ghost of a murdered wife. In…

  • Malignant



    James Wan has created one truly unique film of anxiety and horror. His uniqueness lies in the ability to put his signature through various influences in the horror genre. In such an illustration, we get a full-blooded spectacle of mysticism and style that we associate with Argento, and the Giallo subgenre in general. The curiosity of the morbidity of the horrible fate in which we find King's imagination, and this is meticulously framed by various bravura "body horror" which we…