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  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn


    “No one comes to the movies anymore. And no one remembers us anymore.”

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn is a film that… to put it simply, reminds me why I love film, and just how powerful cinema is. I can’t say I had the highest expectations for this, but uh… wow. I’m in love. This is flawless filmmaking.

    I use the word ‘mesmerizing’ a lot with movies, but if I had to pick only one film that truly mesmerized me from it’s first…

  • News from Home

    News from Home


    I have to say, I was a little worried I wouldn’t have an emotional connection with this before watching. I have lived the majority of my life without a mother. I don’t, and never will know what it’s like to have a caring, loving mother by my side. However, while watching this film, my worries quickly faded away as I began to understand what this was all about, and what Akerman was trying to say. She brilliantly captures this feeling…

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  • Pig



    Nicolas Cage proves yet again that there isn’t a single role out there that he can’t absolutely nail.

    Everything to say has already been said and I’m a little late to the party on this one but damn, this really is as gentle, tender, profound and heartbreaking as everyone says it is. The color palette was so beautiful too, which is a breath of fresh air considering that I didn’t expect this to have much of a personality lookwise.

  • Zola



    As if I needed another reason to hate Florida..

    Such a wild ride. Pretty much exactly what I expected but I can’t complain, I had a good time. Zola is a film with a style that is all over the place, so it is inevitable for that style to not work, and at times, it really doesn't. However, when it does work, it works pretty damn well. The flow and tone were kind of off the whole time but I…

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  • Roma



    How can a film look so beautiful but feel so dull and lifeless?

    Okay, I guess that isn’t really hard to achieve but STILL… I’m disappointed.

    Every once in awhile I’ll be sitting in class, walking outside or laying in my bed at night and I’ll have ideas for certain shots or scenes that would look just so cool in a movie. Like I just wanna grab my camera and film this really cool shot of a tree with the…

  • Free Guy

    Free Guy


    So you’re telling me my roblox girlfriend I had 7 years ago could’ve been an NPC?

    Fuck you.