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  • The Life of Oharu

    The Life of Oharu


    The Life of Oharu

    Her options chosen
    Her dignity stolen 
    Her life broken

    Forced into societal belittlement 
    A woman’s life is slavery 
    An auction with no buyers

    In any situation
    Happiness is impossible 
    Hope is useless 

    At once, she’s an object
    Next a whore
    Now a dying creature

  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    titty humour

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  • Tenet



    150 minutes of Christopher Nolan trying to murder my eardrums

  • Nashville



    A HUGE fucking “BRUH”

    THE best movie about America, ever. 
    Altman has won me over completely already.

    A behemoth of a film, although there have been many films to have been children to this (most notably PTA’s Boogie Nights and Magnolia) it feels like one of a kind. Never seen authenticity like this on film. I love Altman’s decision to not focus on one individual in ANY crowd shot, our main character is just a person out of many, and…