Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

After Avengers: Endgame ended things pretty conclusively, there was uncertainty to how the Marvel Cinematic Universe would continue from Spider-Man: Far from Home onwards. Starting right after the events of Endgame, Far From Home explains exactly what happens when things went back to normal and focusing on Peter Parker getting back into his high school life again. Similar to Homecoming, Far From Home focuses a great deal on character development and scenes with Peter Parker and his friends more than the actual Superhero action stuff. I liked how the movie deals with the absence of a specific character and everyone trying to move on and get on with their lives. In a way, it acts more like an Epilogue to Endgame in that regard, but make no mistake this is a Spider-Man movie with some good humour and emotion that connects everything nicely.

Far From Home is essentially a road trip movie mixed with Superhero stuff. Peter Parker and his friends go on a school trip to various locations with some personal shenanigans and issues happening as subplots. Peter bumps into a new Superhero named Mysterio, which Jake Gyllenhaal performs a rather hammy and charismatic role in it. He's definitely one of the best things going for Far From Home. I do have some issues with how his "Powers" exactly work and nobody else seems to find any flaws with him or his technology, but he does give us some interesting fights and visuals for a Marvel movie. There were definitely parts that looked cool from him and without spoiling it his motivations are a bit of a twist and spin on the usual Marvel Superheroes stuff we've seen so far.

As for the other characters, Peter's best friend Ned is being his usual jokey self now tied to a new Romance subplot making things awkward for Peter, who is trying to win over MJ throughout the school trip. You really feel for Peter and him trying to connect with his other friends awkwardly while also having to juggle with his Spider-Man self. Peter continues to make sure he is never revealed to be Spider-Man, although it takes quite alot of suspension of disbelief that he takes off his mask in European towns and cities with not a single person noticing his real identity. Nick Fury and Happy Hogan get a good amount of screentime here too, and they both have nice little interactions with Peter Parker and his friends.

Some problems I have with Far from Home is that it does feel a bit on the long side. Alot of the road trips changing locations that so happen to conveniently work out for Peter and his buddies feel a little far-fetched in places, and some of the logic and possible plot holes that are present are hard to ignore and you start thinking "Why didn't that character just do that?" or "How did they not notice that at all?" which can be a little distracting and making you question if it made any sense. Some of the jokes don't land too well and there's definitely a sense of retreading old ground a bit here and there. The visuals are mostly great, but there's a few that look a bit iffy. The music is fine, most of the acting is solid, and yeah it's good Post-Endgame start for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Overall, Spider-Man: Far from Home was decent, but nothing amazing for Marvel.


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