Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

This was the least Star Wars film I care to see. I didn’t care for the chance for director, because this isn’t the first time this has happened in Hollywood, from the stories I’ve heard on the original directors were going to with the film if true then I’ll say good riddance and I love Ron Howard as a filmmaker so I had no issue. But still I didn’t like casting of both Han or Lando but after hearing about a big spoiler on a podcast I had to check it out because it was such a big to me. After seeing it the movie it wasn’t awful in Fact I Look at character Han differently now like love relationship between him and chewy I there first meeting and there banter towards each other so I see the original trilogy it a lot more because of history and it started at special place,that’s good thing but I wish I had more fun as everything was happening especially the big action scenes I felt numb to it  I love the Easter eggs but I can do so much. All the situations Han was I watching it, I didn’t felt engaged at all and that’s a problem even for a Star Wars film. Like I said said earlier, I had problems Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover as Lando and Han but now seeing the movie I was wrong for the most, they fine for the most part, I definitely like one more than the other, What Alden accomplish witch is all I ask for,is make me forget comparing him to Harrison Ford even had some moments when I that’s what Han Solo would do I also really enjoy his reactions to chewy it was very Han like,I was quite pleased with his performance. I don’t why is making a big deal out of Glover’s performance as Lando I thought he was ok he didn’t do anything special, if anything I thought it was a quite forgotten performance after seeing it that’s the mean problem the film, it was forgettable, unemotional invested.

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