Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

This is going to be different than my other reviews because I had completely two different experiences watching film. First time seeing the film I couldn’t get into it I felt like a lot the jokes went flat,the action was stale and I was into it over all so I decided to again just to make because I’ve been working a lot kinda tried when I saw it. So the second time around I a little bit more not by much though after getting all big spoilers away I was to have a good time without worrying about that. I have to say after thinking about it this probably the best performance by Tom Holland as Spider man. Each time I see him in the role he gets better and better but with Far Form Home he does A lot more vulnerable situations with dealing with Tony death, when he’s distressed and having scenes with MJ and Mysterio. This goes to show MCU isn’t only in good hands but with the Tom as well. I’m not a big fan of Derek G. Like other people are I don’t why his performances doesn’t blow my mind he comes off as very bland to me but to be fair I haven’t seen films but with Mysterio I was quite entertained. At very first he comes off so likable genuine I almost forgot he’s a bad guy. and when you see his true intentions it’s a fun watch. There’s moments when he hams up the joint but I thought it entertaining. Far really fun but forget MCU if you’re a BIG! Spider man fan this might be the you’ve been dying to see. With Peter dilemmas juggling school being a superhero and private life it shows the best aspects of this character but like I’ve said before I’m a big DC fan and those aspects doesn’t do for me as much especially when it comes to the end credits. It’s really not only to have JJ Jameson again to have JK Simmons portray this really happens in Hollywood but not only that but to have him modernize in today’s media with his own YouTube channel spreading fake news with the help Mysterio and exposing his identity. It will be interesting what will happen next.the only thing I didn’t like about it, it shouldn’t be post credit scene it should have real ending imo but I really hated the second post credits I thought Peter was interacting with Nick F.for the first time and building a relationship to someone that Nick had with Tony. But that never happened Nick was stoll did whole time and scene means nothing to me it will be big waste time. I those stolls would turn evil and it be a great setup to secret wars but it was just another gag of a post credit scene them over has done one time too many now and I’m person getting tired of it.

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