The Social Network ★★★★★

You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

David Fincher, there is something very, very special about you. You absolutely never cease to amaze me. If it's your unbelievable 90's thriller Se7en or your absolute masterpiece Fight Club, there is something in your way of filmmaking that is impressing me again and yet again, The Social Network being no exception. There are not many movies that I would call perfect, but this is definitely one of them. There is not one scene that is useless, and there is not one dialogue that is not important. It's unbelievable.

The technical aspects of this flick are definitely nothing less than flawless. There is something about Fincher's movies that always makes them look absolutely perfect. If it's the marvellous camerawork, the tasty colour composition or the delightful lighting. Everything is at the exactly right place, and so this movie looks just stunning.

You can really feel that this cast around Jesse Eisenberg is very carefully chosen. There is not one actor that is misguided in any way. The trio of Eisenberg, Garfield and Timberlake is very well-matched. Of course, Jesse Eisenberg is standing out here a little bit. The way, he's embodying Mark Zuckerberg is just phenomenal. He's closely followed by Andrew Garfield, who's doing an excellent job, playing Eduardo Saverin. However, with all these magnificent supporting actors, this cast really is perfect down to the last detail.

Let's get to the most important aspect of this movie. The story. It is definitely one of the best storys I have ever seen. I'm really serious about this. Aaron Sorkin and Ben Mezrich created a script that is as perfect as in any way possible. I definitely do not care if this story is real or if it is just partly real or if it is not real at all. What I care about are those dialogues. Damn, I'm unbelievably enthusiastic over those dialogues. I did my best to soak every word in, and I still have problems to grasp everything. Big compliments to the two writers here.

David Fincher has definitely created a timeless masterpiece here. I must admit that this was a movie I had no interest in at first. The only reason I watched this, was because of Mr. Fincher. However, I had never thought that I would like this movie that much. I'm really struggling for words. I can not recommend this movie enough.

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