Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone ★★★★½

im tryna visit boston next winter so im planning a gone baby gone walking tour for myself and the zero other people who want to go with me. 
sights will include:

• the bar where that guy tells casey affleck he has an ass like a skippy jar (a line that haunts me to this day, i still can’t figure out what it means)

• the backyard where they found the duffel bag full of money buried underground. if you come with me you have to promise not to get embarrassed if i start digging 

• the quarry because it reminded me of creed from the office telling jim he lives by the quarry and they should hang out and throw stuff in it. we will throw stuff in this quarry as well

• the rooftop they show at the end so i can do that cool quick-peak-around-the-bend-holding-a-gun like patrick did for some weird reason even though this isn’t an action movie and there’s no real reason he needed to carry a gun

• helene’s house so i can look in her closet and see if all of her clothes are as 2007 as the cropped white jacket, denim capris, and sparkly top that match the sparkly heels she wears at the end

if you wanna join me you have to pay for the tickets i spent all my money on jackets that make me look like a cool tough boston bitch

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