High School Musical 3: Senior Year ★★★★★

some FASCINATING facts i learned from perusing the cast list on wikipedia:

• jason (ryne sanborn) retired from acting after this movie to study architecture and now plays professional hockey. “other names: ryno”
• father bolton (bart johnson) is blake lively’s brother in law
• tiara gold the london girl was only 14 in 2008 when this movie was released 
• the juilliard representatives who come to watch their performance are credited as “mr. and ms. juilliard”
• chad’s father is played by corbin bleu’s real life father
• sharpay and ryan’s mom is played by the conservative vampire spokeswoman nan flanagan from true blood 
• cheerleader martha makes a cameo in gaga’s telephone video
• manly “little pickles” ortega as boi evans, sharpay’s pet dog

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