Inglourious Basterds ★★★★★

look i’ll just cut to the chase every time i watch this i am reminded of my raging boner for eli roth and tonight i’d like to list for you ten of my favorite things he’s ever done, ranked by how camp they are: 

10. when promoting this movie he would always pose on red carpets holding an imaginary baseball bat

9. via his reddit AMA: 

tightbucket: will you read my script?
realeliroth: Nope
tightbucket: ok

8. wore this on a red carpet 

7. listened to hannah montana before filming the violent bear jew scenes because it made him so irrationally angry 

6. his mesh tyler durden costume 

5. read NSFW inglourious basterds fanfiction with his parents and christoph waltz

4. did the absolute most on his balcony at cannes

3. thought the title of the show was “cupcake whores”. mentioned this when he guest judged

2. produced hemlock grove 

1. tweeted “Most amazing immersive scary experience I’ve ever had in a theater!!!! MIND = BLOWN!!” about the green inferno. his own movie

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