The Social Network ★★★★★

i absolutely LOVE how sean tells mark "i'll send flowers" after mark says "you didn't have to be that rough on him". did sean end up sending eduardo flowers? what did that arrangement look like? what did that card say? "sorry i helped fuck you over professionally"? what a bizarre thing to do. he drew $19,000 on the account that eduardo froze and then sent him a bouquet of... see like what flower is appropriate in this scenario? apology flowers? did he send eduardo roses?

or did sorkin just write this so he could use the (highly underrated) transition "speaking of flowers, i’m putting together a party after the party at kappa eta sigma," i'm just crying at the thought of eduardo getting home to find a bouquet of daisies from the man he tried to assault while, by the way, the security guards just stood and watched. i bet he lit that bouquet on fire like christy lee did to the scarf. if you've made it this far in this review thanks for journeying deep into my psyche with me

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