The Social Network ★★★★★

this movie has a very large and very bizarre cast list it stars:

• jesse eisenberg, or michael cera for film nerds
• andrew garfield, the second best spiderman but the first best in my heart
• justin timberlake when he still thought he could be a serious actor
• two armie hammers/parent trap technology 
• london tipton
• max minghella and his st. tropez tanning lotion
• ann perkins
• timmy from jurassic park
• the guy who screeched in xmen first class i think his name was banshee he appeared very briefly at the end snorting coke off ashley the intern 
• rooney mara pre-girl with the dragon tattoo showing david fincher that she is not here to play 
• the girl who played fake carly in the episode of icarly where they hire lookalikes so they can trick spencer and sneak out to go to an MMA fight
• aaron sorkin
• anastasia steele and her ASMR voice before she revolutionized bangs 

this is a list of the people you see when you enter purgatory

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