The Social Network ★★★★★

i can’t pick 1 or even 5 so here are my top 10 favorite small details that i love so very much: 

10. right after thefacebook launches cameron is on the phone with their dad and lawyer and tyler says “if i was a drug dealer i couldn’t give free drugs to 650 people in one day” and cameron leans back and covers the phone with his hand 

9. eduardo’s lawyer gretchen is a former lawyer and douglas urbanski, who plays the dean is a friend of fincher and did the role as a personal favor. also of course aaron sorkin plays an ad exec

8. mark trying to casually shove the sandwich into his sweatshirt pocket

7. after the ziplining incident at the palo alto house, sean tells mark that he’s been living across the street and asks if anyone was hurt. mark says “you live— no. you live here?” 
(also in the script mark was supposed to be ziplining with the others but jesse thought it would be more in character for him to be off to the side observing them)

6. when sean asks christy what she likes to drink, eduardo defensively puts his arm around her. later in the car she’s trying to sleep on his shoulder but gets annoyed and lifts her head up when he starts talking about sean. these two things aren’t related but brenda song gave a severely underrated performance 

5. in the facemash montage mark tosses a pen to dustin and it lands in his drink. this was a real moment that they happened to catch on camera 

4. right before mark tries to apologize to erica he and eduardo are standing outside the bathroom when a guy tries to approach. this guy is josh pence, who plays the second armie hammer (his body double)

3. “i showed up late, i don’t even know who the speaker was” [car screeches] “it was bill gates”

2. during the opening credits as the sound designer’s name is credited a bike rolls across the screen and you can hear the sound of the bike spokes. thought this was a cool sound effect 

1. “this is pathetic.”

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