The Social Network ★★★★★

apparently shia labeouf turned down the role of mark. did you hear me? i said he turned it down. meaning he was offered the role or at the very least he was seriously considered for it. imagine him attempting this script oh my god imagine him working with david fincher 

if you guys thought the singer/malek disputes were messy just IMAGINE after like 19 takes of shia going rogue and talking about the time he talked to a coconut on the isle of tsarabanjina or whatever fincher just SNAPS and quits on the spot and then aaron sorkin has to step in and be like “mr. uh.. mr. LaBoof you have to listen to me—“ and shia goes “you know this reminds me of something the 7th Dalai Lama whispered to me in a dream when i passed out after doing whippits with jared leto” we are so lucky everybody say thank you jesse eisenberg

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