The Social Network ★★★★★

hello here’s a list of my favorite extras/minor minor characters in this movie ranked by how much i cherish them: 

#10: the prince who wouldn’t stop saying “just brutal. brutally close” 

#9: the frat boy who takes his pants off and then pukes cause he didnt know the three lies

#8: sean’s, uh, sharon, who couldn’t catch the beer bottle 

#7: ann of “ann? punch me in the face” 

#6: the asian girl trying her very best to dance at caribbean night 

#5: rowboat boy who says “these guys are freakin fast!” 

#4: bob’s friend who says “now mark zuckerberg thinks we got into harvard on a dimwit scholarship”

#3: the girl who says “that’s my roommate” because i have a crush on her 

#2: bob’s friend who says “im gonna get a glock and kill you”

#1: bob

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