The Social Network ★★★★★

top ten most objectively funny things said in this movie:

10. i can't stare at that loop of niagara falls which has absolutely nothing to do with the caribbean

9. because it is exhausting dating you is like dating a stairmaster

8. this is my..............sharon

7. you guys related?

6. "sean how old are they?" "it's not polite to ask"

5. this guy doesn't have three friends to rub together to make a fourth

4. well then i guess that would be the first time somebody's lied under oath

3. "you don't know my name, do you" "is it stanford?"

2. i can guarantee you the silicon valley sluts don't care what anybody's relationship status is on facebook

1. i'm really hoping it's cats that look like hitler. cause i can never get enough of that

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