• The Social Network

    The Social Network


    in belated honor of decision day i thought i’d do a little rewatch to get a glimpse of my future home...! yes friends i am both humbled and excited to announce that i have been accepted to harvard’s MFA program for fall 2021! congratulations to everyone who will be joining me on campus, i cannot wait to finally get my masters in ligma studies ❤️ ve•ri•tas

  • (500) Days of Summer

    (500) Days of Summer


    every guy on hinge specifically hinge

  • The Maze Runner

    The Maze Runner


    bitches will spend the hours of 8pm-3am in the kik chat analyzing a half glance between minho and newt for their au slash fic meanwhile they got reading notes for chapters 4-8 of lord of the flies due first thing monday morning, but their lit teacher’s fancast for jack looks nothing like will poulter so the visuals just aren’t hitting like they should be. and once it sinks in that there’s no wckd organization behind the plane crash that’s gonna be the final blow to their B- that’s already hanging on by a thread

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    so that’s what sound design means

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah


    i did not know ashton sanders was in this feature film...the noise that escaped my body when he appeared before me. truly just. primal. it was startling maybe theaters shouldn’t reopen

  • Minari



    good i was really worried that they were just done releasing good movies. i literally thought the invisible man was gonna be the last one ever

  • Ocean's Eleven

    Ocean's Eleven


    if they ever make an all female version of oceans eleven i would like to be at the forefront of the creative team . please consider my dream cast

    1. patti lupone
    2. joanna gaines
    3. charli xcx and marina diamandis as the malloys (for the drama)
    4. maggie rogers
    5. the hot mom from cobra kai
    6. rihanna
    7. what’s her name. jordanna brewster

    i started making this list and i was gonna add fiona apple but i…

  • Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too


    they had miley cyrus perform what is essentially an upbeat parody of head like a hole and they thought surely this will be fun to listen to. surely people will buy into this. And they were right

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    tracy turnblad would make a few calls and have this under control give her 36 hours

  • Climax



    me and the girls in music theory 220 when the prof plays future nostalgia during our 8pm zoom lecture

  • Brutal Bridesmaids

    Brutal Bridesmaids


    shameful things i did while watching this movie:

    1. resubscribed to lifetime movie club
    2. googled “camila cabello height”
    3. drank a mike’s hard cranberry lemonade
    4. paused to listen to the new brockhampton
    5. searched etsy for “fun earrings”
    6. changed socks because i could feel the design on the inside of the old pair
    7. participated via text in “team cap vs team iron man” discourse
    8. looked at the panera bread menu for fun
    9. painted my…

  • Spectacular!



    the number of people i have heard accuse this movie of copying glee when it aired like 4 months earlier and was more likely the victim in this situation? disrespectful. ryan murphy you will not see heaven