Enola Holmes ★★★

On one hand, Enola Holmes is a rather stale and boring commentary on the treatment of women in Victorian society, and the powers of self-empowerment and being able to stand up for yourself and be true to yourself. Though the message is definitely one that matters, sometimes the film felt as though it goes out of its way to present itself as a feminist film and one that is on the right side of the PC war. Oftentimes, it’s better not to emphasise these moments and let them speak for themselves, which studios seem to understand less and less. Even with the understanding that the feminism is tied to the mystery adventure that Enola sets out on, I still felt the film to be heavy handed at times. These moments disrupt the pace of an otherwise, quirky adventure filled with adventurous moments and a standout performance from Millie Bobbie Brown. To be certain, much praise must be given to her as a lot of the film’s charm relies on her charisma and how well she can interact with the audience through the fourth-wall breaking that happens in the film. For me, she worked like a charm and I was quite enamoured by her. Thus, the mystery adventure that her character goes on is one that is still largely enjoyable for me.

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