Eternals ★★★

The directing and cinematography was impressive but it felt like something was missing. The story was just all over the place and confusing for myself so I had no idea what was going on but it also may have been the execution with the pacing that turned me off at times but either way I at least enjoyed parts of it. You could really feel the 158 minutes though but I honestly didn’t have much expectations for this film anyways. I was just patiently waiting for this to end by checking the time so many damn times. Anyways, the scope of this film was visually incredible, the cast was great but I wish some got more screen time with a runtime this film features. The action was also brutal and exciting but the comedy also felt frequently forced, no shit this was from one of the writers of Peter Rabbit 2 🗿

Thee screen that I went to was massive asf so I was so underwhelmed when sitting at the front but yeah, the opening night experience was cool. The crowd was interactive but was not as interactive compared to Endgame for example. Overall, just see this if you can but it’s not recommended to watch at night. People snoring in the cinema and shit and you can get pretty tired yourself as well (but that’s just my opinion). Would I watch this again? Maybe. If it’s on a streaming service, sure but I wouldn’t make my way to sit through this again in a theatre honestly.

(couldn’t really write a fully detailed review since I’m so damn tired)

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