• Evil Dead

    Evil Dead


    an extremely gory and visually glorified entry in the series. so excited for Evil Dead Rise since they say it is more violent. keen to rewatch the other films soon.

  • John Wick: Chapter 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4


    this whole thing was a visual feast that I ate up. shit load of action. strong emotion. a babylon esque party sequence with flashing lights and colourful rain. fucking beautiful. I also loved how exaggerated some sequences were that continued and continued to be hilarious.

    best cinematography/production design oscar nomination incoming.

  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

    South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut


    on my way to rewatch the show now. forgot how hilarious this was too. so many bangers in here as well.

  • RRR




  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods

    Shazam! Fury of the Gods


    you know a movie is a fucking banger if Elvis plays in the credits.

  • Cocaine Bear

    Cocaine Bear


    I love everything about this film. this shit was so creative. practical effects were raw as fuck and that soundtrack slapped.

  • Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

    Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre


    raindrops falling on my head…

  • 65



    I dug the whole big spectacle scale that they were going for and the visuals were honestly the best part but besides that, everything else was fine. better than jurassic world: dominion though.

  • Martyr or Murderer

    Martyr or Murderer


    the second time I got dragged to see a film of this franchise in a theatre. not a political type of person at all too so these aren't really my type of movies to watch. all I can say is that some of the drone shots were beautifully shown though and I wasn't too bored.

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    3D for this one actually wasn’t bad. still a banger of a film.

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    this one here has everything you want and need. beautifully visual bloody kills, an absorbing execution with the meta dialogue still being there a few times. all the main leads were great. jenna also was a pure standout especially in the final act.

    the twists were not fully expected but it still is all a fun time all together. I expect to give this one another watch in the next few days, maybe in 3D. I also noticed the little taste of Denzel Curry they gave us in the background.

    and that letterboxd joke :)

  • Scream



    this hold here still holds up. meta as fuck, brutal as fuck, fun as fuck. keen to watch the new one tomorrow night.