Blue Valentine ★★★★★

I mean come on .. this was beautiful honestly . I cried like 7 times . This movie spoke to me in so many levels . I’ve seen this side of love the bad side with all the yelling and agony thinking do they even love each other? But then still going back to each other . But when they first loved each other it was real and pure . Idk honestly I was crying out of real anger and sadness lmao . And for once when it ended I wasn’t upset although yes I was bawling my eyes out , I just wasn’t angry because it was over . This movie was amazing . 5 stars ... this movie makes me realize all the crap romance movies I love and rate 5 stars lol . This was real ( of course I’ll still watch the crappy teen romance movies though ) whatever:) ( also this was probably very hard to read but this is how I type and I’m not good with grammar all my friends know this & they will be the only ones to read it so WHATEVER )

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