The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★

2018's HoopTober 17/31

If you felt like the first Chainsaw Massacre was a comedy, then you obviously haven't seen the second one.

... Is what I would probably say to myself year ago. I have to be completely honest here.. This review is so far the hardest for me to star writing, I even postponed it. I just really didn't love The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. There it is, horror nerds, I said it.

There's a lot of girl screaming in horror movies, we know that, but it still won't stop feel annoying to me when it's literally the only thing you hear for the majority of the time the film is running. I was tired of the main character in like five minutes and boy, was this a long film for me. There's bunch of funny scenes, if you get amused by some types of gore and squirting blood as I am. The Leatherface is generally creepy, no one can tell me otherwise and the whole family thing they have running here is even worse. It's implied or even said in the other movies as well but in this one I feel like the family part of this fucked up gang is explored the most. Now that I'm thinking about it, there was actually a lot of weird and comical parts (Leatherface fondling woman's leg with a saw) but overall it just didn't strike me as so much fun as the first one did.

But I would recommend watching it for the very final scene alone which is simply iconic and I take my hat off to mr Hooper as always.