Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

- Maya Angelou

There's so much more humanity that can be found in the wildly absurd, which is exactly how I feel about this film.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a film that explores what it means to be happy. How can we be happy or content in a world where everyone we care about can be having a completely differently lived experience? What right algorithm must we possess in order to be able to connect with other people, in the way they need us to connect, and at the time they need us?

There's always so much happening around us, in our heads, in our lives, happening to other people, all at once. It can be exhausting to navigate all these interpersonal relationships and somehow find a way to make it work optimally with everyone. And sometimes it doesn't, sometimes we fail, and then those people are gone from your life forever.

Evelyn is exhausted with her life and her wasted potential that she fantasizes about what it would be like to be someone else, something else, somewhere else. It's easy to escape and entertain all these possibilities of where our life can lead us by the choices we make. Its easier to blame others for our failures, for our shortcomings and succumb so much to that narrative that it tears us apart inside and we never fully grow or evolve to become the best person we're supposed to be. Everything Everywhere All at Once explores the finite possibilities of our potential as humans, while still grounding our expectations that although we can be whatever we want to be, we still need to choose that path, because unlike the universe, it's impossible for us to occupy every possibly lived version of ourself. We have one life to live, and such few moments in our life where things actually make sense, so why squander it on things that shouldn't matter as much?

We can't be every solution or choice to every person we meet. All we can do is try to be kind, understand and try to appreciate and accept people for who they are, and not who we want them to be. To have gratitude for the people around us. That sometimes measuring potential and success doesn't equal happiness much like the small moments you have with people who love you which is so much more sustaining than anything that we can really "achieve".

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