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This review may contain spoilers.

With customer service like that, it's no wonder Fry's Electronics closed down. 💀

NOPE was so incredibly intriguing to experience, that it's stories and characters were so much more appealing to me than the extraterrestrial thing happening on screen. It was unexpectedly good, yet could have been great if it spent more time in developing the story rather than spending time on entertaining and giving the audiemce a more thrilling experience I feel like?

Films about people living and existing in Hollywood are always so fascinating. Peele is such a good storyteller, he made me much more interested in knowing MORE about his characters that I was less interested in him choosing to balance the horror genre with comedy and action.  Mean he made it a fun experience with a nice balance of excitement, humor and terror. But. I wanted it to be more horror than anything else, because it had such capacity to really go there with what he setup. No doubt it would have probably, universally, have been less popular and liked by audiences unless it depicted some specific real core issue that had mass appeal. Which I think it did actually, but I felt like it got lost a bit by being too un descript, undefined and abstract/ subtextual when it should have been more at the forefront, showcased. More horrific. More chaotic. I wanted to feel more terrorized.

And maybe that's the point though - us storytellers in Hollywood jaded by the unordinary and always craving and wanting more. Maybe NOPE is really more of a black mirror to Hollywood with its omnipresent like celestial creature camera resembling monster face swooping down, capturing us just as we are trying to capture "it". We always want more spectacle. Dazzle. Something so massive it's beyond our comprehension, but as storytellers we want to badly to uncover "it". To be known by "it". To be immortalized by "it", sometimes to be the "it" whatever "it" is.  I wish Peele spent more time in focusing on that “it” rather than through the veil of symbolism because the idea that people will put their lives in danger for just an opportunity to be part of “it” is a really terrifying and horrific concept that I feel was the core horror theme of his horror film.

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