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  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    Quentin Tarantino is a man of many words and many styles, each entwining with another, guided by his unique ingenuity have made for a filmography rife with memorable quotes and moments, each exuding the same audacious kind of nonchalant exuberance. Craving some this relaxed ambiance myself I decided to compel myself into watching the remainder of his lengthy filmography that I hadn’t and faintly persuading myself into completing the task within the week. Having only seen the latter much more…

  • Dune



    Hello hello, haven’t been writing on here for a while but managed to pen a little something about one of my favourite auteurs from the 21st Century for a friend’s publication. Villeneuve has shaped his filmmaking devices to make for an amalgamation of what would be commercially viable and simultaneously artistically fulfilling.

    Going over his illustrious filmography, cinematic stylings and the varied political undertones of his work, I’ve tried cover them all. Hope you guys enjoy it!

    Director Spotlight: Denis Villeneuve

Popular reviews

  • The Dropout

    The Dropout


    How to become a billionaire 101:

    • A copious amount of self induced cringe
    • Green Juice….always 
    • All black…..always 
    • Erratic bursts of robotic dancing 
    • ZERO blinking 
    • An exasperatingly fake voice 
    • Zuckerburg as an “inspiration”
    • Paranoia 
    • Wanting to “change the world”….always 

    Fiercely engaging show worthy of a few Emmys.
    Take notes Netflix. 


  • The Gray Man

    The Gray Man


    Lloyd Hansen?
    Court Gentry?
    Denny Carmichael?

    Who made this? Who wrote this?!?
    Oh the guys who think going to theatres is an “elitist notion”. Right, that explains it. Writing a full length review isn’t worth the patience so I’ll half ass this since that’s how they made it anyways. 

    Chris Evans is fun tho. He’s like that cool npc who makes shit blow up so the level can continue and whoever told the guy from Bridgerton he could “act” was…