A Clockwork Orange ★★★★★

The Alamo Drafthouse near me was playing this and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to watch it on the big screen.

A Clockwork Orange is a devilish X-rated masterpiece from Stanley Kubrick, perhaps the most British film ever made, that examines the psychology of its protagonist by taking on his point of view, all with pitch-perfect form. Few actors turn in a performance as rich as Malcolm McDowell did, and few filmmakers have crafted a vision as complete as Kubrick has.

As for the theater experience, it was overall ambivalent. I loved watching this on the big screen, the visuals were magnified in a really meaningful way, made it easier to soak in the imagery. However, the sound was very loud in this theater, ear-splitting at times. Because the film was recorded on a mono sound system, and because the Alamo Drafthouse decided to crank up the volume, I left the theater with my ears hurting. I'm sure this could be remedied by sitting a row or two back though, so I'd be up for something like this again.

Fantastic film brought back to the big screen by a fantastic theater chain.

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