I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★

Oh man. That was not good.

Despite some ravishing cinematography, I’m Thinking of Ending Things was a cringe-inducing experience. The writing from Charlie Kaufman was embarrassing, full of pseudo-intellectual rambling and feeble attempts at surrealism. All of this reeks of a writer-director who wants to say great things but can't be bothered to flesh the shit out.

Performances are good I guess. Liked what Jessie Buckley did. Toni Collette was predictably insufferable, ground my teeth over her. David Thewlis was cool. Jesse Plemons is discount Philip Seymour Hoffman, which is to say he looks similar to Hoffman and acts decently. Nothing in the performances that makes suffering through Kaufman's script any more bearable.

That fact that I’m Thinking of Ending Things is one of 2020's greatest films says a lot about the state of cinema in 2020. I pray to God that next year's better. That is all.

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