Strange Invaders ★★★

I don't know what to say about this. The music is strangely nostalgic, as in I feel like I heard it as a child, although I have never seen this to my knowledge, and my parents would never have let me watch this. Surprising sexual innuendo, not a lot of subtlety in that regard, also the animation style is based upon a crude version of the world and the human form. The sound design is pretty good, although it is a bit crowded at times (lots of sounds in succession, no atmospheric stuff either) it captures realism perfectly, through depth of environment and an actualized sound.

That opening though gets me. The weirdly nostalgic music helps to develop a specific feeling, one of childlike wonder, but strangely cozy. Something about it oozes Canadian, as in I could not see something like this being made in any other country, in any other architectural environment.

Weird short for me.

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