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This review may contain spoilers.

Nothing much here, just a blurb of first impressions and thoughts.

The Apartment was pretty good. It shows Billy Wilder at the top of his game, with a great script, great cinematography, and some of the best acting in a comedy.

What makes The Apartment really special is the central relationship between Baxter and Kubelik. Baxter is a silly man, dimwitted yet always lovable and good on the inside. On the other hand is Kubelik, an unfortunate character, looking for love but always coming up short, and in a key scene when she's had enough, she overdoses on sleeping pills. The relationship develops unwittingly. After the overdose, Baxter is preoccupied with keeping Kubelik healthy and entertained. He isn't acting on romantic love, but rather a platonic love.

Perhaps The Apartment is trying to contrast romantic love with platonic love. Where the romantic love of Sheldrake and others proves unfulfilling and treacherous for Kubelik, Baxter's platonic love is meaningful, tender, and, well, loving. Perhaps this is Wilder's message. Perhaps that's what makes The Apartment so touching.

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