A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★

The Duffer brothers become more like thieves in my estimation with every 80’s horror film I see. Literally everything I think is cool about Stranger Things is because of Craven, Carpenter, King, and Spielberg. And the more I watch of the first two, the more I see how great they were at their craft. 

The Nightmare on Elm Street contains a superb horror screenplay, something that’s a seemingly rare thing within the genre. It basically defined and to this day defines a lot of what we’ve come to expect in horror films. It isn’t the most frightening film I’ve ever seen, but it does have elements that are indeed chilling. A killer that exists beyond the physical grasp, yet can still cause physical harm. That’s spooky. 

I really dug this, though. Parts dragged on, but it’s 80’s horror, I am quick to forgive because of how awesome a decade for scary movies the 80’s was.

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