Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

David Fincher. Even when you make movies that I don’t consider my new favorite of yours, you still make damn good movies. 

Gone Girl May be the most cynical movie I’ve ever seen. It portrays marriage in one of the most horrible lights possible, and definitely spooked me a bit, as someone who is in a new relationship. 

Who is the real villain here? I lean toward Nick, but he didn’t do certain things that Amy did. But Amy is just completely calculating, and wholly terrifying. She is commandingly performed by what is easily Rosmund Pike’s best performance to date. It’s crazy how scary a normal actor portraying a largely normal person can be, but here I was clenching my butthole every time she spoke to Ben Affleck, who plays a loser really well. 

The central mystery isn’t as interesting to me as in some of Fincher’s other films, though. Maybe because I knew the plot beforehand, maybe just because it’s just so downright depressing, but either way, I’d rather watch Zodiac than this in future. But they’re different movies, the comparison is unfair. 

Stupendous film. But it’s David Fincher, anything less would be an affront to the film community.

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