Midsommar ★★★★½

I’m paralyzed. I feel like I just had an awful out of body experience. 
Ari Aster had me in a headlock and didn’t let go for 2 and a half hours. There were times where I would softly say “Make it stop” and it would only intensify. It was horrifying and I couldn’t do anything but watch. And that is why I loved it in a twisted way. It gives you a sense of unease and terror without the need of jumpscares. I loved the atmosphere and the aesthetic of it all. Bright colors in a horror film seems so rare and I’m so happy to see one so well  made. 
Florence Pugh was terrifyingly great, as great as Toni Collete in Hereditary. She brought out grief and pain so well. The scenes where she would just break down was powerful and she had an awesome performance. 
Everything about this film is sickingly beautiful and everything I was looking forward to. Ari Aster did not disappoint and I’m more than happy with him traumatizing me.

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