Suspiria ★★★★½

This was a film I’ve been looking forward to see for months now, and I can proudly say that the wait was worth it. Luca’s Suspiria was chilling, uncomfortable, and everything I wanted in a remake of the original. This is a film that forces your eyes on the screen, even when you don’t want to.

The cinematography is what livens the film up for me. The bleak colors, the direct opposite of the original’s neon bright colors, was really well done. I was worried that the lack of exaggerated color would make the film a bit disappointing, but thankfully that was not the case here! The camera work was also fantastic, I loved the use of zooming in on certain frames or faces. It really set the tone well and brought in the psychological horror this film brings. 

I would also like to applaud Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swindon as well. They were so talented throughout the film and had such great chemistry together. Dakota Johnson really needs to get in more films like this, because it’s honestly what she deserves at this point. Mia Goth was fantastic as well and really impacted certain scenes throughout the film. Especially during the dance sequence. (I’m still in shock about the dance sequence!!!)

Anyway, Suspiria is a remake that works really well surprisingly and I’m so thankful that it did. It did not fail to leave me gasping and keeping my eyes locked on the screen. It’s a terrifying experience, yet I welcome it with open arms.

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