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  • 8½
  • Amarcord
  • Archangel
  • Ballad of the Little Soldier
  • Bergman Island

AFS Cinema's Nov/Dec 2021 Rep & Specialty Titles

47 films

Coming to the Austin Film Society's AFS Cinema in November and December 2021.

Show pages here:

  • Catfight
  • Clifford
  • The Coca-Cola Kid
  • Cotton Comes to Harlem
  • Greener Grass

Oddball Comedy Deep Cuts for Spring 2021

10 films

AFS Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen has created a list of some very funny oddball comedies that you can stream today…

  • Blue Sunshine
  • Capricorn One
  • Cutter's Way
  • Executive Action
  • The Hidden
  • Collective
  • 76 Days
  • Coded Bias
  • Black Bear
  • Belly of the Beast

Virtual Cinema

36 films

AFS offers some of our anticipated programming during our period of closure via our partner’s virtual cinemas. Proceeds from the…

  • Babes in Toyland
  • Little Women
  • Christmas in Connecticut
  • Millions
  • Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

Stacy Brick's Family Style Streaming Holiday Favorites

5 films

AFS Family Style Programmer's Holiday Favorites. Click on the Show Notes Button to see where these films are streaming.

  • The Thin Man
  • Christmas in Connecticut
  • Holiday Affair
  • All That Heaven Allows
  • Bell, Book and Candle

Holiday Movie Refresh: 20 Classics that are not IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE

20 films

Be sure to click "Read Notes" to see where each film is streamable as of publishing date

  • The Cocoanuts
  • Hell Harbor
  • The Divorcee
  • Other Men's Women
  • Dance, Fools, Dance

The Precode 34

34 films

Here are 34 recommended precode films - the number 34 memorializes the dark year 1934 when Hollywood's self-censorship took hold.…

  • Tomorrow We Live
  • Behind Green Lights
  • Strange Impersonation
  • The Inner Circle
  • Backfire

Kiss Me Obscurely: Little-Known Noir Classics

20 films

For people who have seen the noir films delineated as canonical, and want to take a deeper dive into the…

  • This Gun for Hire
  • Double Indemnity
  • Laura
  • Detour
  • Scarlet Street

The Noir Canon

21 films

Here are the films that have been programmed by AFS in past seasons of the Noir Canon series. Click on…

  • Drácula
  • Dracula in Istanbul
  • Blood of Dracula
  • Curse of the Undead
  • Blood and Roses
  • Alucarda
  • Angel Dust
  • Angst
  • Anguish
  • Antichrist

Art Horror Watchlist

89 films

Here are the films that AFS has presented as part of its multiple Art Horror series as well as some…

  • The Girl Who Knew Too Much
  • Blood and Black Lace
  • Five Dolls for an August Moon
  • Hatchet for the Honeymoon
  • A Bay of Blood

Giallo Cinema Directors & Directions

58 films

From the AFS website post: Giallo Cinema: Directors & Directions written by AFS lead programmer Lars Nilsen and inspired by Andrew…