The Social Network ★★★★★

Anyone else really tempted to create a Facebook account? No? Anyway...

This film was perfect. I watched Benjamin Button yesterday and was amazed at how much I enjoyed a long serious film by a critically acclaimed director. So decided to check out more of his work. I heard great things about this film and the premise sounded fascinating.

It was. I just love how it’s telling a true story and dramatising this event, making it riveting and really entertaining. I also felt like it was perfectly paced. I didn’t feel bored or like it was dragon at any point and by the end I was thinking “oh wow is it over already?”

The performances feel so real and that helps me believe in the story being told. The stand out is of course Andrew Garfield as Edwardo. Everyone else is great but there is something truly spectacular about that man’s acting abilities. 

Who knew Justin Timberlake could act? Wait he’s the guy from trolls?? What went wrong???!!

Anyway I was truly shocked that I would give the second Fincher film I watched (bar Alien^3) a full score.

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