The Fanatic ★★★

I must be in some state of heightened suggestibility because honestly, all contrarianism aside, I enjoyed this movie. And not always in a "so bad its good" way! At the level of composition it is fantastic, doing many of the little things I like (increased blackpoint film, leading sound transitions, alternative art mediums thrown in, visual atmospherics, violin-based score, trimmed narrative sequences, etc. etc. etc.). The controversy over the movie appears to be that Moose is autistic. If true this makes the whole thing a horrifically trashy ableist piece of shit. And I'm not going to argue the character is not autistic. He definitely was. But Travolta's acting was such an inconsistent, variable melange of mental illness troupes that I did not think it was supposed to be autism until reading reviews after finishing the movie. So this is a weird scenario where very bad acting cancelled out a worse feature, making the movie overall better than it would have been. (Dolores Restaurant, task failed successfully). Look, I know this is my worst review of all time, but here I stand, I can do no other. I enjoyed The Fanatic.

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