• The Death of Stalin

    The Death of Stalin


    Honestly this was nowhere near as funny the second time. Still a very clever satire.

  • Free Fall

    Free Fall


    I know dozens of people who have gone through this and it is excruciating to no end. Marc and Kay's love for one another is beautiful but their time and place, their society, has shamed that love into repression. That caused Marc's denial, of course, but in a more basic sense it also allowed Marc's marriage in the first place. One of the positive side effects of alleviating gay stigma is not just the acceptance of relationships like Marc and Kay's, but also the prevention of marriages like Marc and Bettina. Free Fall gets at that problem with painful clarity.

  • Guns Akimbo

    Guns Akimbo


    I really enjoyed this piece of shit

  • The Way Back

    The Way Back


    Focused character arcs, warm mahogany color palette, restrained performances, minimalist bass clef piano score — The Way Back is a grounded film. It needed to be. Alcoholism, trauma, and recovery are heavy topics and I think they deserve their weight on screen. I really liked what I saw, and casting Affleck made it even better, in the same way Honey Boy meant so much more because of Shia's role.

    But I wanted more. It seemed a shallow in places. Did…

  • Million Dollar Baby

    Million Dollar Baby


    Generally I don’t like Eastwood movies for a variety of reasons but this was great. A+ acting and scripting.

  • Son of a Preacher Man

    Son of a Preacher Man


    I held back laughing until the plate shattered

  • Handsome & Majestic

    Handsome & Majestic


    There was a time I could not admit my true self in public. But this changed recently. I am not broken. I do not need to be fixed.

  • The Checkup

    The Checkup


    this was nice I liked it

  • Moonlight



    It is obvious that our brokenness is often most painfully experienced with respect to our sexuality. My own and my friends' struggles make it clear how central our sexuality is to the way we think and feel about ourselves. Our sexuality reveals to us our enormous yearning for communion. The desires of our body ⁠— to be touched, embraced, and safely held ⁠— belong to the deepest longings of the heart and are very concrete signs of our search for oneness. It is precisely around this yearning for communion that we experience so much anguish.

    Henri Nouwen, Life of the Beloved, 73.

  • Those People

    Those People


    so dramatic! the whole thing kind of works tho

  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    I can't beat it. I can't beat it. I'm sorry.

    Beautiful, powerful, harrowing and hard. My emotional profile is the same as Lee's (cold, stoic, bored, hidden) but this film brought me to tears. Tender and human, human without flinching.

  • Nico and Dani

    Nico and Dani


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Captures a certain adolescent mood that I totally missed in those years and am only beginning to experience now. Nico and Dani doesn't evoke nostalgia for me... something closer to loss. It feels like I missed out on so much for so little reason. Of course, not everything in this movie is laudable. (The date rape scene and the near child molestation (if that's what happened, I'm not entirely sure) were repulsive and unnecessary). But the boys' friendship, their lax summer days, and the softness of the shots and film and transitions and pacing, made this movie special.